Elyse Mailhot
RCGS Fellow, TTC Ambassador

Lead strategist, digital media, public & media relations, industry integration

Combining a passion for adventure travel and 20+ years of industry experience with a database of hundreds of A-list writers and influencers, Elyse Mailhot has worked with some of Canada’s most innovative tourism clients in marketing destinations which includes the Canadian Tourism Commissions (now Destination Canada), Tourism Vancouver, polar tourism operator, hotels, airlines and others. Elyse has been gaining placement in the most prestigious and influential media outlets around the world. Her energetic optimism, tireless work ethic and impressive connections with tourism leaders worldwide has generated new business and increased clients’ bottom line and visibility in top media outlets. Always keeping abreast of the newest marketing and communications trends Elyse's worked with travel bloggers and other social media influencers, some of whom boast over a million followers.

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Cathy Senecal

Strategist, media relations and content development

With her 20+ years experience, Cathy brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive list of contacts globally. She is one of the most respected destination marketing and media relations professionals in the Canadian Tourism Industry. Cathy’s strategic mind, creativity and passion for adventure transpire in her work, voice and style. 


Nigel Malone

Brand Strategist, Digital Specialist, Adventure Junky

As a strategist, Nigel has been been helping brands find their unfair advantage for more than 20 years. A specialist in adventure and cultural travel, Nigel has led the rebranding of three World Heritage Sites (Kakadu National Park, Cockatoo Island and the Sydney Opera House). When not in the great outdoors, Nigel fuels his passion for technology, consulting to businesses, big and small, on developing their digital presence – and on his own passion project, the Adventure Junky App, earth’s sustainable travel game. Nigel is considered an expert on Millennial marketing, is an Ambassador of the Transformational Travel Council, and has won many awards, including the prestigious Prime Minister’s Environment Day Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Marketing for his work on climate change communications.

Steven Threndyle

Content development, copywriting strategy

Steven Threndyle has worked on both sides of the media fence for the past 25 years; writing stories in diverse publications and niche outlets in ski, sports and recreation, national newspapers, website content, while guiding the media conversation for clients like Icebreaker, Arc’teryx, Big White/Silver Star Ski Resort and Destination Canada. Whether he’s working on a magazine feature or online blog, crafting a media release or developing story angles, his goal is to always “make the reader care.”


Our Services

All services are offered bilingual (French & English)


Social & Digital Strategy

SEO and SEM website development, targeted social media influencer outreach.

Strategic Partnerships

Development of partnership and alliances with traditional and non-traditional industry and organizations.

Media Monitoring & Database Management

Hold database of A-listers, distribute and track stories that help measure client’s ROI and value of effective PR and digital media campaigns.


Marketing Communications Strategy

Development and implementation of effective integrated digital marketing and communications strategies and tactical plans.

Media & Public Relations

Deep, meaningful relationships fostered with A-list writers and editors. Digital and traditional media release creation and distribution to local, national and global markets, press trip and media hosting, representation at key media conferences.

Event Management

Conference planning, product launches, openings, anniversaries, and special events.


Industry Sectors - Travel & Tourism



Our passion and spirit spring from our love of authentic communities, eclectic resorts, and “hidden gem” destinations far off the beaten track. Our skill set and expertise is in developing marketing strategies and communication plans that increase destination visibility and visitation. We service communities and assist small business owners to create their vision, and achieve their goals.

Travel Trade, Meeting & Incentive Travel

With a keen understanding of global trends and competition, we assist tour operators, destination management companies and tourism suppliers in marketing and promoting their products and services through a variety of channels. We can develop and implement marketing/communications plans and can assist in packaging and selling products, experiences and events in both core and emerging markets. Client representation at key events, travel trade and media marketplaces is our specialty. 

Adventure Providers 

From mountain peaks to polar extremes, we’re at our very best when working with passionate, open-hearted operators who deliver out-of-the-ordinary experiences with the potential to change lives. We share values with clients whose definition of success is driven not by the bottom line, but through helping people achieve their true potential and who have a commitment to environmental conservation and local economies. With our finger on the pulse of the latest travel trends and business intelligence, we can help operators refine and share their brand stories.

Resorts & Retreats

Whether it’s five star hotels, remote backcountry lodges or glamping and camping outposts, we recognize the distinctiveness and “unique selling proposition” of each property we work with. We create marketing strategies and communication plans that effectively differentiate your brand by placing the right story in front of the right audience.

Industry Sectors - Lifestyle

Sports & Events

We believe in leading a healthy lifestyle through attending and participating in a wide range of activities and sporting events. We understand each activity’s unique culture and how these benefits accrue to communities as a whole. Ski, bike, golf and race organizations can count on us to assist in spreading the word to target markets, by writing engaging stories that support people’s goals and in some cases change lives.


Health & Wellness

We care about people’s well-being and support service providers that cater to people who look after themselves and each other. We can assist in developing a strategic vision and implement marketing and communication plans for yoga studios, retail outlets, and other goods and services that support a healthy lifestyle and community.

Art & Festival

We value artistic and cultural pursuits. We work with artists, authors, writers, filmmakers and organizations who want to share their passion and creativity with the world. We help them spread their wings and grow so that they can comfortably find their place within the broader economy and society.


Community Marketing & Servicing

We support small and midsize businesses, strategizing to increase visibility in the community and business growth in the local tourism industry. We like to work with locals as much as travellers and strive to develop a commonplace where they can meet, share, and collaborate on projects for the greater good.