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I first met Elyse as she was referred to me as someone who was very well connected and effective as a PR lead, especially for outdoor or adventure. As co-founder and GM of the Sea to Sky Gondola project, for our PR and marketing efforts to get attention for a product that was not even constructed yet, was by any measure, challenging. Elyse played a crucial role in the success of our first year and onward. We gained profiles in major media and international coverage, online coverage, etc. all due very much in part to her excellent work and contacts that she was able to attract to our business and experience our vision and our facility. She was always up to the task with good humour and creativity, intelligence and perseverance. She is a rare commodity that brings a depth of experience and insight into any marketing and PR challenge and project.
— Jayson Faulkner, co-founder of the Sea to Sky Gondola
Elyse and her passionate approach for collaboration and big picture thinking has been a tremendous asset to sharing One Ocean Expeditions’ story as a Canadian leader in remote destination travel. Her industry knowledge and relationships with industry leaders and media worldwide has contributed to our success.
— Cathy Lawton, One Ocean Expeditions, Managing Director
There’s few people in Canadian travel media and destination marketing who can match Elyse’s experience, relationships and unabashed positive energy. She has a deep understanding of our industry, and how to get results.
— Robin Esrock, Bestselling author, The Great Canadian Bucket List / The Great Global Bucket List
I met Elyse Mailhot in 2010 during the Vancouver Olympics when she was working for the Canadian Tourism Commission. Elyse has helped me tremendously throughout the years to find exciting stories for the documentaries and travel shows I am creating for various broadcasters including the BBC, CBC and PBS. Elyse pays great attention to detail and knows how to pitch a good story in French and English for all platforms. Elyse is persistent and enthusiastic about the destinations she is representing. She has a wonderful outgoing personality that makes everyone feel welcome. Elyse is adventurous in spirit and this shows in the stories she pitches and devotes her time to. I look forward to working with Elyse in the future.
— Brandy Yanchyk, Reporter & Travel Show Journalist and Executive Producer of Brandy Y Productions Inc.
Elyse has been instrumental in connecting many dots for this project. Her unbounded enthusiasm to generate new experiences for Vancouver’s tourism market has ensured this project can endure the lengthy approval process. We have leaned on her knowledge of the Tourism industry on many occasions and look forward to bringing the Bridge Climb to market with her on the team.
— Kevin Thomson, Chief Elevation Officer, SkyHugger
Elyse Mailhot is an enthusiastic, results-driven communications expert specializing in global adventure travel. She conducts herself with the highest of professional standards, consistently going the extra mile for clients. From our perspective, it’s been a privilege to partner with Elyse in her capacity as a travel media expert. From story pitches to story production and publication to follow-up, she is an invaluable resource and a delight to work with. We particularly enjoyed collaborating with Elyse on our latest coverage of the unforgettable One Ocean Expeditions tour of Atlantic Canada.
— Kim Gray, Publisher / Editor-in-chief,